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Organic MatterArtist's Statement

     Traditionally associated with notions of beauty, fertility, femininity, and potency, flowers and plants in general, can be provoked to manifest a broadened and more nuanced range of attributes and faculties. The Organic Matter series examines the elusive, muted and implied features of plant life, its phenomena and rituals. More than merely delectable objects capable of adornment, propagation and other utilitarian applications, plants emerge as articulate and highly individualized entities. In these photographs, I imagine and document that far from passive and stationary, they are, at times, nearly vocal, almost confrontational, occasionally pensive and subdued, often candid and confessional. The images seek to imbue the constellations of blossoms, stems, and leaves with expressions reflective of yearning and hesitation, serenity and turmoil. Their original and distinctive outlines highlight each specimenís splendor as well as echo others in the multitude of a species.

     My encounters with elements of plant life are of nearly conversational nature. As I approach and observe their form, arrangement, and disposition, I heed to their monologues and ensemble performances, and look for lighting and composition that would enable the leaves, petals, and stalks to narrate or simply muse. This communication continues in my digital darkroom, where the photographs, captured with a digital camera, are processed. Some photographs are a result of weeks of steeping and contemplating the final image, while others are instantaneous revelatory concoctions. Through maneuvering contrast, saturation, light, and toning, I try to emphasize the graphical and expressive nature of the compositions.

     Subject matter and inspiration for this series hails primarily from New York City nature havens, Wave Hill Gardens and The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, as well as from my studio.

Organic Matter

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